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General Questions

What is a full service IT Company?
A full service IT Company functions as if we were an in house IT group for your company in the greater Austin Texas area. We work to make sure that all of your systems are functioning properly at all times. In the event of a problem we take immediate action and resolve the problem quickly. Our interest is not just focused on your computers and servers; we also focus on any device (such as printers, wiring, and wireless devices) that is connected to or connects your network even mobile devices and tablets.
What is proactive support?
Proactive support means that we make sure that your network is functioning as it is designed to. Our secure software monitors the performance of your network and systems and alerts us when there is an indication of a problem. This process is completely secure and does not grant us access to your data. We merely take a constant look at the performance of your machines to make sure that your computers and servers are secure and running at peak performance. The software agent is optional though, we are still able to support your needs without it.
How is your pricing structured?

We bill our clients by the incident or hourly, depending on the time that it takes us to resolve the conflict. For larger projects we will provide you with a quote and an outline of the services that we will be providing.

Don't wait until you have a crisis! Contact us to get more information about your support options.

How do your prices compare to your competitors?
We constantly check our competitors' prices and strive to beat them in both quality and pricing! We will do our best to beat any competitor that offers the same quality of service that we do!

Information About Being A Client

How does my company become a client?
To become a client of Unlimited Austin Consulting all you have to do is contact us. We will quickly respond and begin working for you immediately.
What should I expect once I become a client?
Once your company becomes a client we will provide you with a small software agent that will monitor your system performance and collect information about the software and hardware installed on your network. This software is installed on every machine that we are supporting so that we can identify any hardware or software conflicts and address them immediately. This software is completely secure and does not collect any personal information or files from the machines it is installed on, it simply allows us to monitor the health of your systems and perform routine maintenance tasks when required. The software agent is optional, contact us so that we can discuss how to address your needs.
Do you support systems used at home?
We understand that many businesses have employees that work from home using their personal computers. We try to accommodate those machines as we would any other machine within your office. We do not however provide support to machines used solely for home purposes. We do however plan to expand in the future to offer these services.

Information About Technical Support

How does Unlimited Austin Consulting provide support?
You contact us and we either come to you or provide you with remote support depending on the nature of the problem. We are quick to respond to the needs of our clients. We only support business customers in the greater Austin area with local staff; we do not outsource our support group.
What type of hardware do you support?
We support everything that is related to your IT infrastructure. Please visit our IT Solutions section for more information.
What type of software do you support?
We offer support for all the software that your business requires to operate. Please visit our IT Solutions section for more information.
Is your remote support secure?
Our remote agent is completely secure. We use the same support agent that is used by many Fortune 500 companies for their in house IT support. The agent monitors your systems and only sends us a report when it detects that there may be a problem. The agent does not collect any personal information or files from your system or network. If we need to access your system any further than starting routine maintenance tasks we will contact you and ask you to grant us permission to complete the task and then the session is closed and reverts back into maintenance mode.

More Information

What if my question was not answered on this page?
We are constantly updating our frequently asked questions, but in an effort to not overwhelm visitors with information you may not have seen the answer to the question that you have. Please contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any other questions!

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